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金子 仁美
KANEKO, Hitomi


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    Review on“ MIYABI ”for two flutes

    Original autograph of Mr. Pierre-Yves Artaud.

  • “Miyabi”is the work of a finely talented and sensitive composer. The best use is made of the technical
    resources of the instruments, allowing a skilful integration of breathing techniques, micro-intervals,
    tongue-ram and whistle tones into an ever poetic or virtuoso musical discourse.
    The piece is sure to give pleasure to all flutists and audiences a like. It won me over immediately, and
    I am confident that here is a work for two flutes destined for a fine musical future.
    Paris, 23 December 1994
    Pierre-Yves Artaud


    ”Miyabi”for two flutes

    An original autograph page

    A Published page of the above 出版楽譜より

    ©1998 by Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.


東京生まれ。桐朋学園大学研究科在籍中にフランス政府給費留学生としてパリ国立高等音楽院作曲科に留学。1988年日仏現代作曲コンク-ル第1位、1990年第59回日本音楽コンクール作曲部門(管弦楽)第1位、E.ナカミチ賞、第9回村松賞など受賞。作曲を三善晃、ジェラール・グリゼイに師事。これまでにダルムシュタット現代音楽祭、パリの秋、アヴィニョン、ニース現代音楽祭、ブカレスト現代音楽週間、ヘームシュテッド現代音楽週間、Music from Japan、武生国際音楽祭、BBCウェールズ交響楽団、NHK交響楽団、新日本フィルハーモニー交響楽団、東京フィルハーモニー交響楽団などで作品が発表されている。

Hitomi Kaneko was born in Tokyo. While studying in the postgraduate school of Toho Gakuen College Music Department she gained a scholarship from the French government to further her studies in the Faculty of Composition at the Paris Conservatoire. She was awarded first prize in the Franco-Japanese Contemporary Composition Competition in 1988 and first prize in the orchestral composition section of the 59th Japan Music Competition in 1990, together with the E. Nakamichi Prize, and the 9th Muramatsu Prize. She studied composition with Akira Miyoshi and Gérard Grisey. Her works have been performed at the Darmstadt Festival of Contemporary Music, the Festival d’Automne de Paris, at contemporary music festivals in Avignon and Nice, the Bucharest Contemporary Music Week, the Heemstede Contemporary Music Week, Music from Japan and the Takefu International Music Festival, and by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, the NHK Symphony Orchestra, the New Japan Philharmonic and the Tokyo Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra. She was a researcher at IRCAM in Paris in 1994 and has created works in the electronic music studio of NHK. She lived in France in 2011 and 2012 as an artist sponsored for overseas study by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs. She served as Guest Research at the Paris-Sorbonne University in 2011-2012, and at the Saint-Denis University in 2018-2020.

Several CDs featuring her work have been released, including Spectral Matters: Contemporary Japanese Composers, Series 27(Fontec).



FP: First Performance, CM: Commissioned by,
PB: Published by, RD: Recorded by,
PZ: Prize, prep.: in preparation


  • 悲しみの自乗
    TRISTESSE, for Orchestra(1989) :8′

    2(II=picc). 2(II=corA). 2(II=Ebcl). 2(II=dbn)- pft-harp-cel-strings(
    FP:9 October 1991. Tokyo. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. by Kazuhiko Komatsu.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. – (Material on hire)
  • ラ・ピエス
    LA PIECE, for 15 players(1993/94) :10′

    1(=picc). 1.2(I=bcl). 1-
    FP:June 1993. Cite de la Musique, Paris.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. – (Material on hire)
  •  フルート協奏曲
    CONCERETO, for flute and orchestra(1995) :14′

    2(I, II=picc). 2(II=corA). 2(II=Ebcl). 2(II=dbn)- strings(, Solo Fl.
    FP:18 September 1995. Kanazawa. Orchestra-Ensemble Kanazawa, cond. by Hiroyuki Iwaki,Shigenori Kudo(FI) .
    CM:Hiroyuki Iwaki
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[899518](Material on hire)
  • ル・プロセシュス
    LE PROCESSUS, for 15 Players(1996) :15′

    1(=picc, afl). 1.1(=Ebcl, bcl). 1(dbn)-1. 1(Dtpt). 1.1-perc(1)- harp-strings(
    FP:16 October 1996. Tokyo. Tokyo Sinfonietta, cond. by Kunitaka Kokaji
    CM:Hokutopia International Music Festival
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. – (Material on hire)
  • 気配 尺八とオーケストラのための
    KEHAI, for Shakuhachi and orchestra(1998) :24’39”

    Shakuhachi solo Groupe I : cordes))
    Groupe II : cordes))
    FP:26 April 1998. Kyoto. Green Youth Orchestra ’98, cond. by Kazufumi Yamashita, Kifu Mitsuhashi (Shakuhachi)
    CM:Green Concerts vol.8 organised by 22 Century Club
    RD:Sound Studio Oka/OCD-98113-1
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. – (Material on hire)
  • グリゼイの墓
    LE TOMBEAU DE GERARD GRISEY, for chamber orchestra(2000) :20′

    FP:8 July 2000. Osaka. Izumi Sinfonietta, cond. by Norichika Iimori
    CM:Izumi Hall, Kioi Hall and Shirakawa Hall
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. – (Material on hire)
  • 木島平讃歌
    HYMN TO KIJIMA-DAIRA, for mixed chorus and orchestra(2000) :4’45”
    FP:19 January 2000. Nagano.Toho Gakuen Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Hideki Miyasato
    CM:Kijima-Daira Village, Nagano
  • 大好き木島平
    OUR FAVORITE KIJIMA-DAIRA, for children’s chorus and orchestra(2000) :4’40”
    FP:19 January 2000. Nagano.Toho Gakuen Symphony Orchestra, cond. by Hideki Miyasato
    CM:Kijima-Daira Village, Nagano
  • 祝典序曲《新しい生命(いのち)に》
    OUVERTURE DE FETE ”Pour une nouvelle vie”, for Orchestra(2001/02) :10′

    3(II,III=picc).3(II=corA).3(II=bcl).3(III=dbn)- strings( or and tpt.-solo
    FP:26 February 2002. Tokyo. Royal Metropolitan Orchestra, cond. by Shunsaku Tsutsumi
    CM:The Mainichi Newspapers Co.,Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. [899544] (Material on hire)


  • ヴァイオリン・ソナタ
    SONATA, for violin and piano(1985) :17′

    FP:19 June 1985. Tokyo. Mariko Komuro(vln), Ryoko Kasahara(pft).
  • 弦楽四重奏曲
    STRING QUARTET(1986) :16’30”

    FP:19 June 1986. Tokyo. Chisato Yamamoto(vln), Kikuko Agishi(vln),
    Naoki Matsui(vla), Kou Mitsuta(vlc)
  • ソナタ
    SONATA, for Flute, Violoncello and Piano(1987) :14′

    FP:February 1987. Tokyo. Mio Noguchi(fl), Kou Mitsuta(vlc),
    Yoko Kaneko(pft)
  • 呼び声
    APPEL, for string quartet(1988) :7’15”

    FP:15 June 1988. Hiroaki Matsuno(vln), Keiichi Yamada(vln), Minoru Kano(vla), Kou Mitsuta(vlc)
  • プロメテウス
    PROMETHEE, for Flute and Piano(1988) :10’30”

    FP:28 June 1988. Tokyo. Mari Masuda(fl), Kazumasa Watanabe(pft)
    PZ:First Prize in the Competition of Japan-France Contemporary
    Composition, 1988.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –

  • MIYABI(= elegance), for two flutes(1991) :7′

    FP:27April 1992. Centre Pompidou, Paris. Pierre-Yves Artaud(fl) and Berengere Michot(f1)
    RD:RUSTY CLASSICA/RUS-555019.2DDD(Rugginenti Editore, Milano)
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[509162]
  • ある日ピアノと
    UN JOUR AVEC LE PIANO, for Piano(1992) :5’30”

    FP:21 May 1992. Radio France, Paris. Yoko Kaneko(pft)
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[911479]
  • エスパス/レゾナンス
    ESPACE / RESONANCE, for Harp, Violin, Viola and Double bass(1992) :10’15”
  • 緑の光線
    RAYON VERT, for Violin, Viola, Violoncello and Piano(1993) :16′

    FP:January 1993. Paris. Quatuor Gabriel: Guillaume Plays(vln), Emmanuel Hartyk(vla), Jerome Pinget(vlc), Yoko Kaneko(pft).
    Japanese premiere: 9 and 13 February 1993. Nagoya and Tokyo. Quatuor Gabriel
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[590183](Material on hire)
  • 遠心
    CENTRIFUGE, for Flute solo(1994/96) : 7′

    FP:24 May 1997. Bucarest(Roumania). Pierre-Yves Artaud
    CM:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[509169]
  • 幻影の空間
    ESPACE / VISION, for Horn and Trumpet(1996) : 6′

    FP:26 June 1996. Tokyo.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[580003]
  • じれた時 I
    LE TEMPS TORDU I, for Tom-tom and Marimba(1996) : 4′

    FP:July 1996. Tokyo.
    CM:The Percussion Class of the Toho Gakuen
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[550213]
  • 呼吸(いき)I – a, b, c, d, e, f
    RESPIRATION I – a, b, c, d, e, f, for Clarinet solo(1996/98):

    FP:a, c, d : 26 February 1997. Tokyo. Takashi Yamane, a – f : 4 December 1998. Tokyo. Yasuaki Itakura
    CM:a, c, d : Yamaha Music Foundation, b, e, f : Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[509172]
  • シェルターの中で
    DANS L’ABRI, for Piano(1997) :10′

    FP:31 March 1997. Tokyo. Mitsuko Kado
    CM:Mitsuko Kado
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[168416]
  • 交叉
    LE CROISEMENT, for Oboe, Violin and Double bass(1997) : 24”

    FP:(Recording) June 1997. Tokyo. Yumiko Mizoiri(ob), Momoko Horigome(vln), Keizo Mizoiri(db)
  • 小鳥は飛び立とうとしている…
    LE PETIT OISEAU VA SORTIR…, for Piccolo and Trombone(1997) : 6′

    FP:2 July 1997. Tokyo.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[590185]
  • クネヒト=ループレヒト
    KNECHT RUPRECHT, for Piano(1997) : 3′

    FP:December 1997. Tokyo.
    CM:The Composition Class of the Toho Gakuen
  • 磁界
    CHAMP MAGNETIQUE, for String Quartet(1997) :14′

    FP:5 December 1997. Tokyo. Katsuya Matsubara(vln), Kiyo Kido(vln), Yuki Hyakutake(vla), Masaharu Kanda(vlc)
    CM:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –
  • 空間/霧
    ESPACE/BRUME, for Marimba and Bass Clarinet(1998) :7′

    FP:2 April 1998. Heemstede(Netherlands). Wim Konink(Marimba), Henri Peijnenburg(Clarinet)
    CM:Wim Konink and Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[590184]
  • じれた時 III
    LE TEMPS TORDU III, for 2 Congas and 2 Bongos(1998) :6′

    FP:11 July 1998. Tokyo.
    CM:The Percussion Class of the Toho Gakuen
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[550215]
  • 連歌 I
    RENGA I, for Shakuhachi, Violin and Harp(1998) :17′

    FP:30 October 1998. Kyoto. Kifu Mitsuhashi(shakuhachi), Aki Saulire(vln), Julie Palloc(harp)
    CM:22 Century Club
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep.
  • 残響
    LA REVERBERATION, for Violin, Violoncello and Piano(1998) :9′

    FP:25 Nov. 1998. Naha, 27 Nov. Kure, 28 Nov. Kurashiki, 6 Dec. Tsuruoka and 8 Dec. Tokyo. Mie Kobayashi(vln), Alain Meunier(vlc), Shuku Iwasaki(pft)
    CM:Shuku Iwasaki
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[590186]
  • 連歌 II
    RENGA II, for Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin, Cello and Piano(1999) :13’30”

    FP:4 October 1999. Bremen. Ensemble Musica Viva Hannover
    CM:Ensemble Musica Viva Hannover
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.[893640] (Material on hire)
  • 呼吸(いき)II – 中断の継続
    RESPIRATION II – Continuation de l’interruption, for Flute and Violin(1999) :11′

    FP:22 December 1999. Tokyo. Takehito Hashimoto(fl), Takashi Shimizu(vln)
    CM:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –
  • フーガの方法
    L’EXPRESSION METHODIQUE D’UNE FUGUE, for Piano (2000) :6′-7’30”

    FP:15 December 2000. Tokyo. Kayako Matsunaga
    CM:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. [168418]
  • アルプスの調べ\
    \ACCORD DES ALPES, for Piano(2000/01) :3′

    \FP:February 2001. Tokyo.
    CM:The Composition Class of the Toho Gakuen
  • 垂直の歌
    LE CHANT VERTICAL, for Shakuhachi and the Computer(2000/01) :16’12”

    FP:8 March 2001. Tokyo. Kifu Mitsuhashi(Shakuhachi)
  • くじらのダンス
    WHALE’S DANCE, for Piano(2000) :4′

    FP:20 March 2001. Tokyo. by the Composer
    PB:Editions Kawai
  • 流線型の時
    LE TEMPS CARENE, for Oboe, Violin and Cello(2000/01) :ca.16′

    FP:7 April 2001. Kyoto. Kenichi Furube(ob), Yayoi Toda(vln), Nobuo Furukawa(vlc)
    CM:22 Century Club
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –
  • じれた時 IV – 感覚の時間
    LE TEMPS TORDU IV – le temps du sens, for Percussion(2001) :8’50”

    FP:21 June 2001. Tokyo. Harumi Nakamura
    CM:Comite d’organisaton de la creation japonaise du ”Vortex Temporum” de Gerard Grisey
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –
  • じれた時 V
    LE TEMPS TORDU V, for Percussion(2001) :5′   

    FP:2001. Tokyo.
    CM:The Percission Class of the Toho Gakuen
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –
  • 音の彫刻
    LA SCULPTURE SUR LES SONS, for Marimba(2001) :7’38”

    FP:24 October 2001. Tokyo. Takayoshi Yoshioka
    CM:Takayoshi Yoshioka
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. – prep. –
  • 気泡
    LA BULLE, for Alto Saxophone and Piano(2001) :9’30”

    FP:30 November 2001. Tokyo. Nobuya Sugawa(asax), Minako Koyanagi(pft)
    CM:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. [560009]
  • 軽井沢の午後
    AFTERNOON IN KARUIZAWA, for Piano(2001) :3′

    FP:24 March 2002. Tokyo. by the Composer
    PB:Editions Kawai
  • 二人静
    FUTARI SHIZUKA, une recitation des vers du No, for Yo(voice), Nokan, Shooko,
    Flute and Percussion(2001/02) :18’40”

    FP:20 March 2002. Manzaburo Umewaka(yo: voice), Norinaga Umewaka(yo: voice), Hirohito Narita(nokan: Jananese piccolo bamboo flute), Hiromi Koga(shoko: Japanese small drum in player’s hand), Dogen Kinowaki(fl), Takayoshi Yoshioka(perc)
    CM:Kioi Hall
  • 流れ
    THE STREAM, for Strings(2002) :5′

    FP:Recording. 30 March 2002. Tokyo. Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. by Sakae Sakakibara
  • アリラン変奏曲
    VORIATIONS SUR UN THEME D’ARIRANG, for Piano(2002) :5’20”

    FP:14 June 2002. Tokyo. Rikuya Terashima
    CM:Arirang Variations 2002
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. [169002]
  • うた うた うた
    SONG, SONG, SONG, for Piano(2002) :3′

    FP:4 November 2002. Tokyo.Composer
    PB:Editions Kawai
  • 呼吸(いき) III -孤独の共存
    RESPIRATION III – Coexistence des isolements, for Oboe, Clarinet and Bassoon
    (2002) :12’35”

    FP:26 November 2002. Tokyo. Isao Tsuji(ob), Yasuaki Itakura(cl), Isaku Tada(bn)
    CM:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd.
    PB:Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. [590187](Material on hire)
  • 小さな星
    LA PETITE ETOILE, for children’s chorus and guitar(2003) :ca.3′

    FP:14 March 2003. Osaka. Osaka-fu Yao Yogo School
    CM:Osaka-fu Yao Yogo School


  • エチュード I
    ETUDE I, for Tape(1991) :3′

    FP:1991. CNSM, Paris.
  •  エチュード II
    ETUDE II, for Tape(1992) :12′

    FP:FP : 1992. CNSM, Paris.
  • じれた時 II
    LE TEMPS TORDU II, for Miburi and Three Dancers(1997) :8′

    FP:27 February 1997. Tokyo.
    CM:Yamaha-Electronic Classic Live
  • 分解 I:導入
    DECOMPOSITION I – Introduction, for Computer(1998) :3′

    Produced at the NHK Electronic Music Studio
  • 分解 II:ゲートの向こうで
    DECOMPOSITION II – Beyond the gate, for Computer(1999) :6′

    Produced at the NHK Ele   DANS L’ABRI, Revised version for Piano and Computer(1997/2002) :14’56”
    FP:19 December 2002. Tokyo. Kaori Osuga(pft)


  • 「方法の表現」まで/から
    Up to and/or From ‘Expressive Method'(2001)
    PB:Quarterly magazine “ExMusica” Vol.3, March 2001
  • わが作曲技法とコンピュータとの関係
    On the relationship between My Compositional Method and the Computer(2002)
    Read at the 17th Congress of the International Associaton of Empirical Aesthetics(IAEA), on 5 August 2002, in Takarasuka.


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