Zen-On Music Co., Ltd. is one of the oldest and largest music publishers in Japan.
It was founded by Teiji Shimada in 1931 in Tokyo.
Since its establishment, Zen-On has been distributing sheet music and musical instruments for musicians
and educational institutions.
The company sells published works of classical, popular, educational, and contemporary music for variety of instruments.
In addition, Zen-On provides rental and licensing services for performers.
The publisher’s wide range of catalog includes works of Yasushi Akutagawa, Joe Hisaishi, Shin-ichiro Ikebe, Hitomi Kaneko,
Michio Mamiya, Minoru Miki, Akira Miyoshi, Tokuhide Niimi, Akira Nishimura, Ichiro Nodaira, Kenji Sakai, Somei Satoh,
and Joji Yuasa, among others. Zen-On’s publications are available through its headquarters in Tokyo
and its network of distributors all over the world.


List of Zen-On titles available to overseas customers. Information subject to change without notice.

Composers & Repertoire

C&R stands for "Composers and Repertoire" which embodies our purpose to promote our composers and their works.
We engage in the exploitation of copyrighted works (musical works), and not only do we publish sheet music,but we also create and rent performance materials for orchestras, chamber ensembles, and wind ensembles, thereby increasing performance opportunities and contribute domestically and internationally.
We believe that one of our most important missions as a music publisher is to widely introduce musical works of the present time through various activities.

Orders and Requests

Orders and requests may be directed to us or our partnering agents around the world.