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Sound and Soul

The Recorder Collection of Frans Brüggen

Performance by Kees Boeke and Walter van Hauwe / Film by Daniël Brüggen /
Commentary booklet by Fumitaka Saito
66 min / PAL format: ZD-985253 / NTSC format: ZD-985252
JPY 3,500 (For prices and availability, please contact us or our agent in your area.)

Remarkable videos capturing the beautiful sounds of 17 historical masterpieces.
Enjoy the dazzling performances by Kees Boeke and Walter van Hauwe, and experience the sound and soul of music revived from 300 years ago.

Recorded instruments

1. Recorder in Bb
by Thomas Stanesby Junior (1692-1754)
2. Recorder in c'
by Martin(?) Hotteterre (d.1712)
3. Recorder in c'
by Dupuis (fl. 1692)
4. Recorder in d' (in boxwood)
by Peter Bressan (Pierre Jaillard; 1663-1731)
5. Recorder in d' (in maple)
by Peter Bressan (Pierre Jaillard; 1663-1731)
6. Recorder in c' (church pitch)
by Johann Christoph Denner (1655-1707)
7. Recorder in f'
by Jan Steenbergen (1676-1752)
8. Recorder in f'
by Thomas Stanesby Senior (ca. 1668-1734)
9. Recorder in f'
by Johann Heitz (1672-1737)
10. Recorder in f' (with long foot)
by Peter Bressan (Pierre Jaillard; 1663-1731)
11. Recorder in f'
by Peter Bressan (Pierre Jaillard; 1663-1731)
12. Recorder in g'
by Johann Benedikt Gahn (1674-1711)
13. Recorder in c"
by Robert Wyne (1698-1774)
14. Recorder in c"
by Jan Steenbergen (1676-1752)
15. Recorder in c"
by Richard Haka (ca.1646-1705)
16. Recorder in d"
by Thomas Stanesby Junior (1692-1754)
17. Recorder in f"
by Benjamin Hallett (1713-1753)


  • Frans Brüggen(1934-2014)
    was a pioneer in the performance of 18th-and early 19th-century music. He studied musicology in his native Amsterdam. Yet, as Luciano Berio wrote, he was a musician who was not an archeologist but a great artist. In addition to his solo career on the recorder and the flute, he was part of a trio with Anner Bijlsma and Gustav Leonhardt, and of the experimental ensemble Sour Cream. He played and recorded Baroque repertoire while also commissioning instruments. Other orchestras worldwide offered him symphonic and operatic engagements. As a conductor he concentrated on Bach, Rameau, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Mendelssohn.
  • Kees Boeke(1950- )
    is an internationally acclaimed artist in the field of early music, specializing in recorders and medieval fiddle as a performer, teacher and director. He has recorded over 80 CDs with various labels including his own record label, Olive Music, founded in 2001. He has published as a composer and editor of Renaissance and medieval music (Zen-On, Schott, Donemus, Olive Music Editions). His activities in the realm of early music began as a member of Kees Otten's ensemble Syntagma Musicum in the 1970s, and as founder-member of renowned ensembles Quadro Hotteterre (1968), Sour Cream (1972), Little Consort Amsterdam (1978) and Mala Punica (1989). In 2003 he started the medieval ensemble Tetraktys, specialized in music of the 14th and 15th century.
  • Walter van Hauwe(1948- )
    has specialized in both historical and contemporary music. As such, he is the co-founder of the ensembles Quadro Hotteterre (1968), Sour Cream (1972) and Little Consort Amsterdam (1978) and collaborated intensively with for example Keiko Abe (marimba), Nobuko Imai, Seiji Ozawa, theater groups such as Hollandia and Veenfabriek, and the Maarten Altena Ensemble (experimental jazz). Since 1972 he is a professor and since 2006 Head of Education Development at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. Van Hauwe made an extensive catalogue of original recorder music (www.blokfluit.org). In 2002 he received the Dutch Prins Bernard Music Award. Solo recordings can be found on Attacca, Channel Classics/Moeck Verlag, Vanguard, Columbia Denon and CBS/RCA.

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Features mechanical drawings of recorder collection by Frans Brüggen, a renowned recorder performer and recorder collector.
Illustration by Frederick Morgan.
A must-have publication for any Early Music fan.

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