A Piano Sweet
Composer: Akira Yuyama
Instrumentation: Piano solo
Level: Intermediate
Format: Book only
Pages: 68
Page size: 227 x 303 mm
ISBN: 978-4-11-178701-2
ISMN: M-2233-2848-7
Price: JPY 1,600
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This piano album is like a treasure box containing confections from around the world. Enchanting confections such as Baumkuchen, pudding, chewing gum and kaki-no-tane are livelily represented in various music styles which even carry sweet scents. All pieces filled with melodious tunes and colorful harmonies will be enjoyed by both children and adults.

Contents and Sample Audio


  • Akira Yuyama
    Akira Yuyama was born in 1932. He graduated from the Department of Composition in the Music Faculty of Tokyo University of the Arts. When he was a student, he was given an award at the 22nd Music Competition of Japan in 1953, and the following year, he received the second prize at the same competition. Afterward, he won numerous awards for composing in Japan. In 2003, he was given the Order of the Rising Sun, Gold Rays with Rosette by the Emperor for his long-standing achievements. In 2012, a special concert of Yuyama’s choral works was held at the Golden Hall of the Viennese Music Association.